Purchase a Company in Liechtenstein

Purchase a Company in Liechtenstein

Updated on Thursday 12th March 2020

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Liechtenstein is a German speaking country in a mountainous region in central Europe. With one of the highest GDPs on the continent, Liechtenstein is a strong economy and an inspired place to develop your business. If you are interested to purchase a company in Liechtenstein, you could use the legal solutions provided by our Liechtenstein lawyers and enter a market which is supporting foreign investments.

Advantages of company acquisition in Liechtenstein

Many foreign investors who intend to develop a business in Liechtenstein initially think to start the business from scratch. However, this is not the only available solution provided by the local legislation. A very popular alternative is to buy a ready-made company.  One of the most costly periods of company formation is the building of a customer base. When you purchase a company in Liechtenstein, in case you intend to keep its line of activity, then you might have the advantage of an already trained market with loyal customers. Nevertheless, a good reputation and business history will grant your stability from the beginning.
Each company formation implies an immense work in the organization and structuring of the business activity. But with a company acquisition in Liechtenstein you can build on what is already there, what has already been proved to be functional in the local conditions. The acquisition procedures are much simpler than the registration of a new company, and our attorneys in Liechtenstein are ready to offer legal assistance and representation for the transfer of ownership.
The following video presented by our lawyers highligts the main aspects related to purchasing a company in Liechtenstein:

The procedure of company acquisition in Liechtenstein

The most important aspects to consider are:
- which type of company to incorporate,
- how to find it,
- how to choose it.
For this you need to elaborate a clear list of your main objectives and requirements. You might be interested to employ a due-diligence service who can check for you on the hidden risks of a company that you would be interested to buy. You might as well need professional help with negotiation and the elaboration of the required paperwork. The financial statements and sale records need to be revised and evaluated, a list of liabilities must be elaborated, and copies made of the contracts and all legal documents.
After the purchase is complete, VAT registration in Liechtenstein may be required, depending on a certain turnover threshold. 
Investors who buy a company in Liechtenstein will also need to apply for special permits and licenses in some cases. Moreover, EORI registration will be required for trade activities within the EU.
Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Liechtenstein for a complete and hassle free incorporation procedure. Our experienced lawyers will make sure every document is in order when you purchase a company in Liechtenstein.