Open a Merchant Account in Liechtenstein

Open a Merchant Account in Liechtenstein

Updated on Wednesday 31st January 2018

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Open-a-Merchant-Account-in-Liechtenstein.jpgLiechtenstein is one of the most popular financial centers in Europe and the location from where many companies manage their operations within the EU. The small country is a preferred location to establish the headquarters of a company.
Investors who open a business here can choose to open a merchant account in Liechtenstein in order to streamline the payment process for their clients. This type of account is easy to set up and allows companies to receive credit and debit card payments.  
Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can help answer any questions about opening a company in Liechtenstein or handling various banking-related matters. 

The uses of a merchant account

Th merchant account is used by those companies in Liechtenstein that wish to allow their clients to pay using a credit or a debit card. This account is useful for many types of companies and it is essential for those investors who want to open an online business in Liechtenstein.
The merchant account is a type of bank account used by agreement between the business (the seller), the bank and a third-party payment processor. All of the transactions made by the seller will be handled via the agreed method. These types of accounts will naturally include a set of fees, which may be monthly or per transaction. 
The costs for setting up a merchant account or a bank account in Liechtenstein can vary according to the chosen type of bank. One of our attorneys in Liechtenstein can give you information about the formalities and the documents required by the bank.
The following video presented by our lawyers in Liechtenstein summarizes the use of a merchant account


Reasons to open a merchant account in Liechtenstein

Investors should consider opening a merchant account in Liechtenstein because this method of diversifying the payment options can help meet some of the most important needs of the clients. This bank account is quick and easy to set up. 
The merchant account can be opened with the bank that already provides services to the company and where the corporate bank account is open. For new companies, the bank will require copies of the Articles of Association or other constitutive documents in case of branches in Liechtenstein.
You can contact the experts at our law firm in Liechtenstein for more information about company management or banking matters.