Liechtenstein Citizenship by Investment - 2021 Information

Citizenship by Investment in Liechtenstein

Updated on Saturday 17th April 2021

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Citizenship-by-Investment-in-LiechtensteinLiechtenstein is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe thanks to its financial sector which is recognized worldwide. There are plenty of opportunities for those who want to open companies in Liechtenstein, not only in the financial industry but also in innovative ones, as the government has starts working towards a diversified economy.
There are plenty of foreign citizens seeking to move to Liechtenstein and obtain citizenship by investment, however, the country is quite exclusive and does not have such a program at the moment. What it does have is an investor visa scheme that enables foreigners to relocate.
Below, our lawyers in Liechtenstein explain the main pathways to citizenship. You can rely on us for guidance on obtaining a residence permit.

Residency options in Liechtenstein in 2021

Liechtenstein has stringent requirements when it comes to residence which could explain why it takes so long to come with a citizenship by investment program in 2021. Considering that only 89 residence visas are issued to those who want to move here on a yearly basis, the procedure of relocation can be overseen by our lawyers.
Here is what foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Liechtenstein need to know:
  • out of all 89 residence permits, 72 are available for citizens of countries members of the European Economic Area (EEA),
  • out of these 72 visas, 56 are granted as working permits,
  • the remaining 16 are issued to those relocating to Liechtenstein for other purposes than employment,
  • there are also 17 residence permits available for Swiss citizen.
Another important thing to consider is that half of these visas are issued directly by the government, while the other half are granted under a visa lottery.
You can obtain more information on residence permits from our Liechtenstein lawyers. Also, if you want to migrate here from a country outside the EEA, you can request the assistance of our law firm.

The golden visa, a means to Liechtenstein citizenship by investment for 2021

Many European countries grant golden visas for investors who want to make important contributions to their economies, and this is also the case of Liechtenstein where citizenship by investment is possible this way in 2021. However, obtaining a Liechtenstein passport takes longer compared to other countries.
The 2021 investor visa in Liechtenstein comes with the following requirements:
  1. it can be obtained through business investment, meaning a foreign entrepreneur must register or buy a local company,
  2. the minimum amount to be invested under this scheme starts at 100,000 CHF and can reach 1 million CHF,
  3. the creation of new jobs is one of the mandatory requirements of this program,
  4. the residence permit obtained is a Category C or D (temporary residence visa).
If you are interested in moving to Liechtenstein and obtaining citizenship by investment with the help of the investor visa our lawyers are at your service for assistance.

The procedure for obtaining the Liechtenstein investor visa

As mentioned before, a part of the visas issued by the Liechtenstein government are awarded for non-lucrative purposes and the investor visa enters this category. There are 16 types of such residence permits issued every year and the application process takes no more than one month in the case of those seeking to immigrate here based on investment.
When seeking to obtain citizenship by investment through the lottery visa, applications can be submitted two times a year: the first one is the spring, and the second in the autumn. The documents to prepare are the valid passport and proof of initiating the creation of a business in Liechtenstein alongside proof of meeting the capital requirements.
Our law firm in Liechtenstein can keep you updated on the procedure of applying for an investor visa.

How long does it take to obtain citizenship in Liechtenstein?

In order to obtain citizenship by investment in Lichtenstein in 2021, a foreign citizen will first be issued a temporary residence permit which will be converted into a permanent one after living in the country for 5 years.
Citizenship can be obtained after 30 years of living in the country, however, an advantage of the investor visa in Liechtenstein is that dual citizenship is permitted, therefore, one can also retain his/her citizenship in the country of origin.
Even if at the moment Liechtenstein does not have a citizenship by investment program, the investor visa is a suitable way of moving to the Principality, so if you need assistance in preparing for immigration, do not hesitate to contact our local lawyers for advice and support, especially when the number if visas is limited.