Liechtenstein to Negotiate a Double Tax Treaty with the United States


Liechtenstein and the United States have discussed the possibility to enter into a double tax agreement. The two countries have had recent talks that focused on a possible agreement of this type. A double taxation treaty would enhance the trade relations between the two countries and would promote mutual foreign investments. Our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein can give you more details about the implications of such a treaty and what it would mean for foreign investors from the United States in Liechtenstein. 

Liechtenstein Maintains its Top Rating at AAA


Rating agency Standard & Poor’s maintains its favorable credit ranking for Liechtenstein, as recently revealed. The small Principality received an AAA rating and a stable outlook, an evaluation that has the potential to strongly influence the evolution of the country. Our lawyers in Liechtenstein talk about the recent rating and how it is beneficial for the financial center.

Reduced VAT Rates in Liechtenstein Starting January 2018


Liechtenstein changed its value-added tax regime starting with the 1st of January, 2018. The changes were based on an Amendment of the VAT law issued in November 2017, which has been published in the Official Gazette. Our team of lawyers in Liechtenstein discuss these changes that were aimed at reducing the VAT rate.

Innovation and Export Cheques for SMEs in Liechtenstein


Small and medium-sized companies in Liechtenstein can benefit from cheques designed to help them access certain research and development resources that would allow them to better understand the export market and promote their business outside the Principality. Our lawyers in Liechtenstein highlight the main benefits and opportunities for export companies in the Principality. 

Positive Developments for Companies in Liechtenstein


The future holds positive prospects for companies in Liechtenstein. This is the result of a recent economic survey released by the Office for Statistics. The report highlighted the fact that the outlook during the final months of 2017 (more specifically during the autumn months) was a positive one, with only one percent of the companies incorporated in Liechtenstein describing their situation as an unfavorable one.

Liechtenstein's Fund Industry at the End of 2017


Liechtenstein’s fund industry has managed to set a new record in the third quarter of the year, exceeding the previous record from the second quarter. Near the end of 2017, the fund industry managed to acquire more than 850 million Swiss francs, according to a recent statement released by the Fund Industry (LAFV). Our lawyers in Liechtenstein are able to provide you with complete information on the particularities of the fund industry in the country.

A New Strategy for the Development of Liechtenstein's Mountain Region


Government officials are planning to develop a new strategy for the exploitation of the mountain region in Liechtenstein. The small Principality has untapped potential in its beautiful mountain regions, which, as officials believe, could be used to increase tourism in the country. Liechtenstein has a favorable business regime which makes it a preferred location to open a company in Europe. Investors looking for opportunities in tourism in Liechtenstein can request the services of our lawyers in Liechtenstein.

VAT Rates in Liechtenstein to be Reduced in 2018


The standard value-added tax rate will be reduced in Liechtenstein starting with 2018. The Government adopted the proposal for the Amendment of the VAT Act at the beginning of October and the changes will enter into force starting with the 1st of January 2018. One of our lawyers in Liechtenstein can help you with more details on how the current VAT rates will change.

Liechtenstein Maintains its Top Rating in 2017


Liechtenstein maintains its top credit rating in 2017. According to rating agency Standard & Poor’s, the small country has a stable outlook and an AAA rating. A strong economy and a positive national accounts development are two of the country’s strong points. One of our lawyers in Liechtenstein can assist you with information about the legislation for investments and the conditions for doing business in the country.

Liechtenstein to Encourage the Fintech Industry


Lichtenstein is already known as a financial center in Europe. The Government is now taking steps towards encouraging investors in the financial technology sector (the fintech sector) by planning to minimize existing hurdles related to the current risk profiles implemented by banks. One of our lawyers in Liechtenstein can provide you with complete information on the investment climate and conditions for those who want to invest in financial technologies.

Increased Export to the Netherlands in Q2 2017


Germany and the Netherlands remain two of Liechtenstein’s most important trade partners, with imports to the Dutch having significantly increased in the last year. The rise amounts to 85.5 percent more, compared to the same time in 2016. One of our lawyers in Liechtenstein can give you complete information on the import and export conditions for companies that undertake these types of activities.