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Why Start a Business in Liechtenstein?

Why Start a Business in Liechtenstein?

Updated on Wednesday 25th October 2017

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Why-Start-a-Business-in-Liechtenstein.jpgWith only 160 square kilometers and a population of about 40,000 citizens, Liechtenstein is the third country with the highest GDP (gross domestic product) in Europe, where the unemployment rate is the lowest in the world (1.5%). The foreign investments are welcomed in any sector, so are the large companies who want to extend their businesses by establishing the presence in the attractive market in Liechtenstein. To attract even more investors in the country, the authorities eased the registration process of companies in Liechtenstein and proposed numerous incentives which proved successful. If you want to start a business in Liechtenstein, we recommend you solicit legal advice and support from our lawyers in Liechtenstein.

The advantages of opening a business in Liechtenstein

Besides knowing that Liechtenstein has economic stability, a great location and is a trustworthy member of the EEA (European Economic Area), entrepreneurs interested in setting up businesses in this country should consider the advantages of the stimulating taxation system, where the legislation is known as a liberal one. For instance, the VAT is set at 8% and can be refunded to companies with import and export activities. Moreover, it is good to know that Liechtenstein has signed numerous double taxation conventions with countries worldwide where numerous tax exemptions on incomes are stipulated. The dividends, royalties and the interests are not subject to withholding taxes, a strong reason why entrepreneurs choose to start and develop businesses in this country.
If you want to set up a company in Liechtenstein and you need tax advice among many other aspects, we recommend you to ask for help from our attorneys in Liechtenstein.
Some of the main reasons to start a business in Liechtenstein are also summarized in the following video: 


Easy registration process for your company in Liechtenstein

A company can be incorporated quite easy in Liechtenstein, where you need to provide the Public Registry details and documents about your future business and a minimum share capital of EUR 30,000 for a limited liability company. Within a few working days after accepting the papers and obtaining the needed licenses, you can start your activities.

Attractive local workforce for your business in Liechtenstein

An entrepreneur can have 100% ownership in Liechtenstein and can set up his/her business by hiring the skilled workforce in the country, without worrying about high expenses on personnel. Numerous benefits come with hiring local workforce for your company in Liechtenstein, for instance, you can rely on well-prepared individuals with skills in IT, financial services, engineering, science and even agriculture. Being placed between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is home to numerous citizens from these countries, willing to work for a company here. 
As for the start-up costs for your business in Liechtenstein, besides the minimum share capital and employment expenses, an entrepreneur needs to consider the renting costs or the acquisition of a property as your business office.
For help in registering your business in Liechtenstein and legal advice in financial matters, we invite you to contact our law firm in Liechtenstein.


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