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Virtual Office in Liechtenstein

Virtual Office in Liechtenstein

Updated on Monday 06th February 2017

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If you intend to find a financially advantageous alternative to the classic office for your business, you can as well consider the option of having a virtual office in Liechtenstein. Through this type of office you can benefit from visibility in this country, and from significantly reduced costs. Our law firm in Liechtenstein provides this service in order to help you conduct your business activity in this country, without spending extra money on the acquisition/renting of a standard office.

Virtual office services offered by our law firm in Liechtenstein

The virtual office service is a very popular option for a significant number of investors because it allows them a high amount of mobility and flexibility. Apart from the important advantages it provides, the virtual office strategy is also a simple move to make, if you rely on the legal support of one of our attorneys in Liechtenstein
In order to have a general picture of what our law firm in Liechtenstein can provide you with, you can find a few examples in the following list:
  • Prestigious business address in Vaduz, which will definetly contribute to the first impression your company makes on the customers;
  • Registered office, which represents one of the requirements of the Liechtenstein authorities for the formation procedures of a legal entity in this country;
  • Mail collection and forwarding;
  • A local phone number in Montenegro;
  • Voice mailbox.
All the intermediation services are especially configured so that your activity will be significantly simplified. Your contact details, such as the phone number and address, are also carefully selected so that they can bring your company a plus of credibility.
For obtaining a virtual office in Liechtenstein it is advisable to call on professional legal assistance and support. 

Additional virtual office services in Liechtenstein 

Our law firm in Liechtenstein offers additionally important virtual office related services such as:
  • Dedicated fax service, which grants you a private and dedicated number;
  • Call redirecting – all incoming calls are redirected to your primary number by our team, through highly efficient technology;
  • Extra usage of the meeting room, for those situations when you need one during your business activity.
Please feel free to contact our lawyers in Liechtenstein for legal advice and help in setting up a virtual office in Liechtenstein.


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