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VAT in Liechtenstein

VAT in Liechtenstein

Updated on Monday 06th February 2017

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The VAT applied in Liechtenstein for import of products and goods charges only a very small percentage of the companies’ revenues. Liechtenstein adopted along with Switzerland a common VAT policy, therefore the rules concerning the collection of the tax and the VAT rates are the same in the two countries. As such, the companies which are liable for VAT must register for a VAT number. Our law firm in Liechtenstein can offer all needed assistance for VAT registration for your company.

Main aspects concerning value added tax in Liechtenstein

The general VAT rate in Liechtenstein is 8%. However the tax amount which is to be imposed on the Liechtenstein companies may vary according to the domain of business of each company. The enterprises which obtain profits from fields such as health, education, insurance are tax exempt. 
According to the tax laws in Liechtenstein, there is also a reduced rate for the VAT, available for businesses which engage in the delivery of newspapers, books, food and drugs. This rate amounts to 2.5% of the business revenues. Another category of VAT reduction applies to businesses operating in the accommodation industry. Thus, the enterprise which gains from lodging will benefit from the reduced VAT rate of 3.8%.
Our lawyers in Liechtenstein remain at your disposition for further details regarding VAT rules in this country.

VAT registration for companies in Liechtenstein

If you open a company in Liechtenstein and your revenues are less than 100,000 CHF, then VAT registration is not mandatory for you. However, the commercial laws give you the possibility to initiate a voluntary VAT registration, if you may find this option in your advantage.
If your income is above 100,000 CHF, then you must go through the VAT registration procedure which can be completed either through online application or through filling the paper forms provided by the tax authority in Liechtenstein. If you are a foreign supplier, the authorities might request you as well a cash-deposit or a bank guarantee.
Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can check whether you are liable for VAT and can further on assist you with your VAT registration in Liechtenstein. Please contact confidently our local lawyers for any other additional information regarding VAT in this country. 


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