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Trade Register in Liechtenstein

Trade Register in Liechtenstein

Updated on Monday 06th February 2017

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The Trade Register in Liechtenstein is a public register that keeps the record of the tradespeople and legal entities functioning in this country. This office has as a main objective to connect the local companies with the business environment. The main authority supervising the Trade Register is the Office of Justice of the Liechtenstein National Administration. Our law firm in Liechtenstein can be a reliable source of legal help in the registration of your company in this country.

The functions of the Trade Register in Liechtenstein


One of the main functions of the Trade Register is to keep track of the important information of the companies registered in Liechtenstein, such as:

  • the legal name under which an enterprise has been opened;
  • the address of the registered office;
  • information regarding the representative board of the company (managing director, board of directors, holders of proxy);
  • the amount subscribed as the share capital, if any.
Another main function of the Trade Register is to publish, examine and control the information submitted by the companies. In order to guarantee the correctness and validity of the data, the procedure is conducted by a law caretaker such as a judge or an authorised employer.
Our lawyers in Liechtenstein are ready to offer you all needed support regarding the Trade Register in this country.

Company registration in Liechtenstein

If you intend to register a company in the Liechtenstein Public Register you need to gather several documents. You will be asked to provide information concerning the history of your company such as:
copies of the articles of association signed at the formation of your company;
the name and the address of the company;
the main area of activity of the company;
the subscribed share capital deposited;
details regarding the management structure of your company.
The elaboration of the articles of association requires the specialized help of a law firm in Liechtenstein. Feel free to contact us when you intend to register, liquidate or change the structure of a company, so that our Liechtenstein lawyers can help you update your entry in the Trade Register in Liechtenstein.


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