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Tax Minimization in Liechtenstein

Tax Minimization in Liechtenstein

Updated on Friday 16th June 2017

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Tax-Minimization-in-Liechtenstein.jpgEven though Liechtenstein has one of the most encouraging taxation systems in the world and a stable economy, tax minimization can be an efficient tool for foreign companies with registered activities here. The corporate tax rate in Liechtenstein is set at 12.5% and the personal incomes are levied at low rates, therefore the tax minimization is not that necessary, but there are particular benefits that come with this process, including for workers from overseas. If you are interested in tax minimization in Liechtenstein and the procedures implied, we recommend you to talk to our lawyers in Liechtenstein.

Tax minimization for companies in Liechtenstein

The taxation system in the Principality comes with numerous benefits for both businesses and residents. A proper tax planning in Liechtenstein is the suitable tax minimization method which involves the monetary conveniences provided by authorities in charge, in order to reduce the taxes imposed on companies and individuals in the country.
The 12.5% corporate tax rate is already considered a valuable tax minimization solution for foreign enterprises with permanent establishments in Liechtenstein. Besides that, the Principality has signed numerous double tax agreements with countries worldwide and foreign companies registered in Liechtenstein can benefit from a 2.5% tax rate on dividend payments and no other fees on royalties and interests. Additional information in this matter can be offered by our attorneys in Liechtenstein who can offer legal advice when opening a business here.

Tax minimization for natural persons in Liechtenstein

It is good to know that the residents in Liechtenstein can deduct the employment costs related to the commuting, living, education, and healthcare, which are considered a suitable tax minimization opportunity for local or foreign employees. Moreover, any gifts or bonuses are not subject to taxation. As for the real estate acquirements, individuals in Liechtenstein will not pay any taxes in this matter.
If you want to know more details about the tax minimization solutions for you or for your enterprise, we recommend you to get in touch with our law firm in Liechtenstein.


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