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Set Up a Trust in Liechtenstein

Set Up a Trust in Liechtenstein

Updated on Tuesday 28th November 2017

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Set-Up-a-Trust-in-Liechtenstein.jpgIn order to set up a trust in Liechtenstein, the trustor offers specific rights to the trustee, to hold and manage property or assets for in his own name or for a third party, a beneficiary. The Trust Law in Liechtenstein follows the model set forth in the English Common Law.
One of our lawyers in Liechtenstein can help you open a trust and give you specific information about the legal framework for these types of establishments.
Liechtenstein has a well-established and strong financial center. The small country is an attractive and beneficial location for the fund and trust industry as well as for the asset management industry. Favorable client and investor protection laws attract entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Trusts in Liechtenstein

When opening a trust in Liechtenstein, the trustor or settlor transfers movable and/un unmovable property and the legal rights of a trustee who can be an individual or a company. This transfer and the set up of the trust is performed via a Trust Deed (written agreement). The entrusted individual or company, the trustee, has a duty of care towards the settlor and his assets or entrusted property. As a general rule, the assets and/or property transferred through a trust in Liechtenstein are kept separate from other belonging to the trustee. 
There are several differences between foundations in Liechtenstein and trusts that may determine investors and entrepreneurs to choose one over the other. We recommend investors to explore these differences and similarities in order to determine which structure suits their asset management needs. One of our lawyers in Liechtenstein can provide you with information about the differences between trusts and funds.

The formation of a trust in Liechtenstein

The trust is regulated by the Trust Deed and it is registered with the Commercial Register or with the District Court. The trust is considered incorporated once the parties have signed the Deed. There are no minimum capital or asset/property requirements for the formation of a trust. 
The Financial Market Authority is the supervisory authority in the country, the one responsible for ensuring the stability of the financial market. It supervises all financial market participants and entities.
One of our attorneys in Liechtenstein can give you complete information about the formation of trusts, legal compliance, and other issues.
Contact our law firm in Liechtenstein for complete assistance for trust formation. Our lawyers can also help you with complete legal services in a wide range of business fields.


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