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Set Up a Foundation in Liechtenstein

Set Up a Foundation in Liechtenstein

Updated on Monday 06th November 2017

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Set-Up-a-Foundation-in-Liechtenstein .jpgThe foundation is a special-purpose vehicle used for the collection and distributing of assets as per the instructions and wishes of the beneficiary. There are several types of these entities, which have a legal personality separate from that of their founder and may be used for targeted purposes.
Investors who wish to set up a foundation in Liechtenstein can talk to one of our lawyers in Liechtenstein who can give you information on the legal structure of a foundation and the principles for incorporating such a legal entity. 

The uses of a foundation in Liechtenstein

A foundation in Liechtenstein can be set up for one of the following purposes:
- private benefit;
- charity;
- family;
- church;
- maintenance.
Charity and family foundations generally do not carry out commercial activities. Investors who want to set up a foundation in Liechtenstein and also engage in some commercial activities can use a foundation for private purposes. These activities may be related to investment and asset management.
One of the main advantages of setting up a foundation in Liechtenstein is that its assets, as well as non-commercial income, are not subject to taxation.
The beneficiaries of a Liechtenstein foundation may remain anonymous in some cases as there are no provisions for external supervision or registration and information disclosure with the Commercial Register (only for some types of foundations).
Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can give you complete details on the rights if the foundation founder, asset distribution and other issues related to the perpetuity of the foundation. 

The formation of a foundation in Liechtenstein

Only foundations that engage in commercial activities must be registered with the Commercial Register. Information recorded here will have a public character. Private benefit foundations that are used for non-commercial activities are not subject to mandatory registration. Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can give you detailed information about the registration requirements for each type of foundation. A minimum capital is needed to open a foundation in Liechtenstein and its value is generally around 30,000 EUR.
Contact our law firm in Liechtenstein for more information on how to set up a foundation and how one of our attorneys can assist you with legal services.


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