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Real Estate Due Diligence in Liechtenstein

Real Estate Due Diligence in Liechtenstein

Updated on Thursday 19th January 2017

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The real estate due diligence is a must for any real estate transfer. By appointing a due diligence service from a law firm in Liechtenstein, you insure yourself and your company from the hidden risks behind a property acquisition, rental or lending. The lawyers in Liechtenstein which deal with due diligence will go throughout a meticulous verification of the real estate which is of interest for you. 

What is going on in a Liechtenstein real estate due diligence process? 

The due diligence process depends on the needs and requirements of each person, but in general, it follows a typical procedure: 
identification of the specific objectives of each person;
gathering of the relevant information;
wealth screening (an understanding of the financial capacities and buying willingness of the person);
conduction of risk assessment;
clarifying the terms, conditions and costs involved by the real estate transfer process.

Checklist for real estate due diligence in Liechtenstein 

The attorneys in Liechtenstein provide in-depth analyses of the properties, in conformation with complex and detailed checklists. Their work focuses on items such as:
Acquisition actions - elaboration of the purchase contract, preparation of a funding schedule and set-up of required bank accounts;
Zone surveying by which attorneys check for eventual local development planning; 
Lease and tenant issues, which refers to leases and entitlements verification, reviewing tenant lease files and securing tenants against overcharges;
Financial matters, which refers to the appraisal of utility bills and the comparing of  expenses;
Litigation and insurance;
Physical property inspection and review, which implies the verification of the utility site plan, parking, building permits etc.;
Governmental review, verifying zonal authorizations for occupancy; 
Financing matters in case you need mortgage consultancy and elaboration of loan documentation 
Since there is a multitude of issues which must be verified for a low risk real estate purchase or rental, we strongly advise you to rely on the due diligence services provided by our law firm in Liechtenstein. For the organization and planning in optimal conditions of any property transfer process, please contact our local lawyers


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