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Purchase a Property in Liechtenstein

Purchase a Property in Liechtenstein

Updated on Thursday 19th January 2017

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Situated in the Alps, Liechtenstein is a winter sport destination for many and, in the summer, a must for the dynamic mountain lovers. Whether you intend to purchase a property in Liechtenstein for investment or simply thinking to retire in a healthy beautiful environment, Liechtenstein is an inspired choice for the purchase of real estate.

Legal procedures for property acquisition in Liechtenstein

Being a small country, at the moment, Liechtenstein allows each year only 28 EU nationals to become owners of Liechtenstein properties and only after a minimum of three years residency. The real estate purchasing regulations for foreigners are very strict and require a good training in this country’s legislation. Therefore, when you intend to purchase a house or a piece of land in this country, our attorneys in Liechtenstein will be able to assist you from the preliminary counseling to the signing of the sale agreement.
Our law firm in Liechtenstein will help you with:
  • - Determining whether the price of a property is appropriate or exceeding the mean of the real estate market;
  • - Informing you of the regulations on property acquisition by foreigners and helping you to conform to such regulations;
  • - Checking for you whether your choice for investment has no hidden risks;
  • - The language barriers you might confront with in case you are not a German speaker.
Our attorneys in Liechtenstein are very careful in helping you overcome any potential misunderstanding you might encounter in the legal matters.

Financing your property acquisition in Liechtenstein

You can try to apply for a mortgage in order to facilitate your real estate acquisition or to support your construction work or the renovation of the property. If you satisfy the mortgage loan approval conditions, you must next choose between different types of rates: fixed or libor mortgage loan (libor mortgage refers to adjustable rate mortgage). First you should determine the type of loan which best suits your plans and to calculate the interest rate in advance, matters in which our attorneys in Liechtenstein have a vast experience, being able therefore to offer juridical counselling in any mortgage issue.
Moreover, it is important to find a bank which has flexible conditions and our lawyers in Liechtenstein can help you identify the attractive solutions offered by the banks. They can also advise you on how to organize your payments for a smooth amortisation and how to make the purchasing of your property in Liechtenstein an easy, stress free legal procedure.
Feel free to contact us for further information and for a good, professional juridical experience of real estate acquisition in Liechtenstein


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