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Open an Investment Fund in Liechtenstein

Open an Investment Fund in Liechtenstein

Updated on Tuesday 22nd August 2017

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Investment funds represent a modality through which you and other people or companies can invest as a group in collective share transactions. This offers to each of them an increased opportunity of gain through the diversification of their portfolios and grants as well the minimization of the investment fees. Our law firm in Liechtenstein can offer you more information regarding the investment funds opportunities in Liechtenstein.

Advantages of an investment fund in Liechtenstein

Among the main advantages of an investment fund is the fact that you leave your money on the safe hands of a professional - the fund manager. Instead of deciding on each step of the investment, once the investor has chosen the fund, all transactions are going to be performed by a third party, according to the characteristics of the fund. Funds may vary in several aspects, such as goals, quantity of risk, charged fees etc.
In view of the fact that investment funds gather a large quantity of small investments into a big unique fund, the transactions costs are significantly reduced, thus offering advantageous conditions for trade.
Another important advantage for which you might consider to open an investment fund is the diversification that it provides. With less money an investor can participate to the trade of a larger variety of assets. 
Our lawyers in Liechtenstein remain at your disposal for questions regarding the opening of an investment fund in this country.
We invite you to watch a short video about investment funds in Liechtenstein:

How to open an investment fund in Liechtenstein 

In order to open an investment fund in Liechtenstein, you need a local lawyer to elaborate the needed documentation and a brokerage account which allows you to trade. Our attorneys in Liechtenstein are ready to assist you in this procedure with any necessary legal service.
You will have to consider carefully which type of strategy suits you best and invest in the fund which is appropriate for you. 
There are several types of investment funds in Liechtenstein from which you can chose the most appropriate for your goals and strategies:
Investment Undertakings for Securities, which require a minimum investment of CHF 1.25 million;
Investment Undertakings for other values, used for investments in precious metals, commodities, and investments with increased risk;
Investment Undertakings for real estate;
Special funds which address to specialised investors such as banks, pension funds, insurers etc.
Feel free to contact us for any concerns you have with opening an investment fund in Liechtenstein. 


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