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Open a Company in Liechtenstein

Open a Company in Liechtenstein

Updated on Monday 17th July 2017

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What are the types of legal entities I can register in Liechtenstein?

The major forms of companies in Liechtenstein are:

- companies limited by shares,
- limited liability companies,
- establishments.
The Liechtenstein company limited by shares (Aktiengesellschaft) is formed with a minimum capital of EUR 50.000 divided into bearer or registered shares with a minimum nominal value not stipulated by law. The voting shares are also possible to be issued. 
The general meeting of the shareholders takes the major decisions in the company and it must be gathered at least once a year to approve the annual account and deal with any other duties stipulated by the articles of incorporation. The board of directors is responsible for daily decisions related to the company.
Besides the above authorities, a Liechtenstein company limited by shares must also appoint an audit authority which has to examine the annual account and present it to the general meeting and then deposit it to the Liechtenstein Tax Administration.
The limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung) is formed by at least one member and has a minimum capital of EUR 30.000 and each shareholder must contribute with at least EUR 50. The capital is divided into preference, registered, voting and no-par-value and bearer shares. 
At least one director is required in order to perform the daily management activities and can be an individual or a corporate. There is no need to appoint secretaries.
Audited annual accounts have to be filed just like in the case of the companies limited by shares. This form of business is designed for small and medium businesses.
The establishment (Anstalt) is a specific form of legal entity registered in Liechtenstein with no members or shareholders and representing an autonomous fund with beneficiaries. It is formed by individuals or corporate bodies which are not the same as the beneficiaries in all the cases. The minimum capital is EUR 30.000 and if higher, at least this amount must be paid up. The management is assured by at least one director. Only if the establishment has commercial objects, the audited annual accounts must be submitted.

What are the steps for incorporation of a company in Liechtenstein?

The main steps an entrepreneur must take before starting to perform commercial activities are depositing the minimum share capital in a bank account, checking the name availability in the Public register, drafting and notarizing the articles of incorporation and their deposit at the Liechtenstein Public Registry.

What is the minimum share capital of GMBH and AG in Liechtenstein?

The minimum share capital which has to be submitted by the members of a company limited by shares (AG) is EUR 50.000, while the minimum share capital of a company with limited liability is EUR 30.000.

What documents are required for the incorporation of a company in Liechtenstein?

The following documents and information must be provided to Liechtenstein Public Register in order to have the new entity incorporated:
- the original or certified copy of the articles of association,
- the minute of the meeting where the decision of establishment was taken,
- the acceptance day of the articles of association,
- the name and the registered address of the entity,
- company’s objectives,
- a duration term (if any),
- the amount of share capital,
- details regarding the shares and the payment made by the shareholders,
- details regarding the members of the board and the representatives.
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