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Open a Bank Account in Liechtenstein

Open a Bank Account in Liechtenstein

Updated on Wednesday 26th July 2017

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Open-a-Bank-Account-in-Liechtenstein.jpgOpening a bank account as a foreign citizen or company in Liechtenstein comes with particular rules meant to protect the money and its beneficiaries. In Liechtenstein, you can open an offshore bank account for companies, or personal accounts which both come with numerous conveniences, considering the private banking legislation which is the same as in Switzerland. Setting up a bank account in Liechtenstein can be an easy process if you solicit help and legal guidance from our lawyers in Liechtenstein.

Bank accounts for companies in Liechtenstein 

A corporate bank account in the Principality can be opened with the help from our attorneys in Liechtenstein, who can explain the legislation and the rules you need to consider in this matter. From the beginning, one should know that there is no need to travel to the bank in Liechtenstein, in order to open a corporate bank account in the country. Besides filling varied bank forms, the documents of the company must be provided, also considering the following requirements:
there is no need for a minimum deposit;
you need to select the currency;
you must provide details about your legal representative in Liechtenstein.
Once the bank account is open, you will have access to it with the help of the internet banking. The banks in Liechtenstein offer 100% confidentiality and there are no fees on the interest received. If you are a businessman who wants to open a corporate bank account, we invite you to talk to one of our Liechtenstein lawyers who can help you throughout the entire process.

The advantages of opening a bank account in Liechtenstein

Setting up a bank account in Liechtenstein comes with numerous benefits; a high degree of tolerance is offered compared to banks from other countries. Besides that, clients can receive effective solutions for their demands regarding a proper management of their assets. A bank account opened in Liechtenstein can grant the access on the European financial market. Instead of dealing with the administrative part of opening a bank account in Liechtenstein, where bank signatories and authentication is required, we remind that you can rely on our team of advisors who can help you obtain a bank account as soon as possible.
We invite you to contact our law firm in Liechtenstein if you are interested in opening a bank account in Liechtenstein or you need certain legal services for your company or for personal matters.


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