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Legislation for Foreign Investments in Liechtenstein

Legislation for Foreign Investments in Liechtenstein

Updated on Wednesday 25th October 2017

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Legislation-on-Foreign-Investments-in-Liechtenstein.jpgLiechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in Europe and it is placed among states with excellent quality of life, economic stability and great business opportunities. The rating agencies worldwide placed Liechtenstein on top choices for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the country and to benefit from a good regulatory framework, reduced taxes, and many other important aspects. If you want to invest in Liechtenstein, you need to understand the legislation in this matter, which is why we invite you to solicit help and legal support from our lawyers in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is open to foreign investments    

From the beginning, you need to know that there is no particular legislation regarding the foreign investments in Liechtenstein, due to the openness of all industries in the country where major investments are accepted, no matter if there are from local or from overseas entrepreneurs. The same rules, taxes and benefits will apply, for both types of investors in Liechtenstein, according to the Commercial Code in the country. Companies or small businesses from overseas will act in accordance with the local rules and regulations of the Principality, where no particular restrictions are imposed, strong reasons why Liechtenstein became a strong attraction for those who want to invest here and make money. As for the imposed taxes on profits, the foreign investors with businesses or companies in Liechtenstein will be taxed with a 12.5% rate, one of the lowest in Europe.
We remind that Liechtenstein has signed numerous double taxation agreements with countries worldwide, so entrepreneurs may benefit from all sorts of tax exemptions. If you want to make investments in the Principality, you should direct your attention to sectors like finance, engineering, IT, tourism, infrastructure, banking, and so on. Moreover, one should know that Liechtenstein is the second major financial center in Europe after Luxembourg. Details and legal advice about the legislation on foreign investments can be obtained from our attorneys in Liechtenstein.
The main issues concerning the laws on foreign investments in Liechtenstein are presented by our lawyers in the following video:


Why invest in Liechtenstein

Numerous experienced investors choose Liechtenstein instead of Switzerland or Luxembourg for future investments due to many important reasons and aspects, such as:
•    a great taxation system with low income tax rate;
•    an easy registration process of companies;
•    economic stability;
•    excellent quality of life;
•    special provisions as part of the EEA (European Economic Area) countries;
•    excellent ratings;
•    favorable investment legislation;
•    numerous benefits for foreign entrepreneurs, like little bureaucracy.
If you are an investor who wants to establish the presence on the market in Liechtenstein, we invite you to solicit legal advice in this matter from our law firm in Liechtenstein. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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