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Land Registry in Liechtenstein

Land Registry in Liechtenstein

Updated on Thursday 19th January 2017

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Land registry is a means of systematization of the real estate property and it constitutes an important and mandatory procedure for a land owner in Liechtenstein. Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can help you through this procedure.

Land registry procedure in Liechtenstein 

The land registry process in Liechtenstein is similar to that in Switzerland. There is usually a registry office per municipality with authorized staff capable to conduct cadaster measurements. Previous to the effective registration, you will need to make an application, realize copies of relevant documents and provide the proof of payment. 
The language used in the Liechtenstein registry is primarily German, so if you are not a native speaker, you might encounter difficulties in accessing the information. In such a situation, you can address our law firm in Liechtenstein which is able to provide you with the needed information and land registry support

Land registry authorities in Liechtenstein

The current situation regarding land registry in Liechtenstein is regulated by the Law from 2010, GeoIGO (Geoinformationgesetz), which suffered the addition of the regulation GeoIV (Geoinformationsverordnung) of August 30, 2011.
The Office for Civil Engineering (in German: Tiefbauamt - TBA) is the legal authority which is responsible for the spatial and geographic data and services in Liechtenstein, by maintaining the Geo-data portal. This portal is an online platform of the Liechtenstein National Administration where you can have access to documents such as maps and aerial photographs, visual materials which make more accessible the official cadaster information on:
  • private property parcels; 
  • encumbrances; 
  • land use zones; 
  • waters; 
  • landscapes; 
  • rock fall and avalanche areas;
  • landslide and flood risk areas; 
  • monuments and building protection zones; 
  • agriculture protection zones; 
  • civil protection; 
  • sewerage; 
  • energy infrastructures; 

The benefits of land registry in Liechtenstein

The land registry is a procedure which certifies land ownership facilitating at the same time future property transactions. The registration implies the identification and fixation of the plan limits for your property, thus securing it in case of litigations. Working with a law firm in Liechtenstein will offer you all the needed professional assistance for a simple and safe land registration. 
The land registry is also important from the point of view of environmental issues, because it prevents the pollution of water and natural disasters. In planning development, agriculture and civil defense, land registration plays as well a strategic role. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our lawyers in Liechtenstein for any issues regarding your land registration. They will assist you with information and they will help realize the required documentation.


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