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Intellectual Property in Liechtenstein

Intellectual Property in Liechtenstein

Updated on Monday 06th February 2017

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The creation of original products, including artistic works, inventions and industrial design, is protected in Liechtenstein by the intellectual property laws and dedicated administrative offices. There are several important aspects regarding the copyright, patent and trademarks in Liechtenstein. Thus only by relying on a lawyer in Liechtenstein you can be assured that you are adequately protected for your intellectual property. 

Main authorities protecting intellectual property in Liechtenstein

The main authority in Liechtenstein dealing with issues regarding intellectual property is the Bureau of Intellectual Property inside the Office of Economic Affairs (Amt für Volkswirtschaft).
In order to protect the rights of inventors, the Principality of Liechtenstein has formed a patent union with Switzerland. The main law which regulates patents in this union is the Federal Law of Switzerland on Patents for Inventions. Liechtenstein and Switzerland form together a unified territory which is protected against abuse in intellectual property issues by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.
Our law firm in Liechtenstein can help you in a variety of situations you might encounter regarding the protection of intellectual property in Liechtenstein.

Intellectual property in Liechtenstein and taxation issues

The three main categories which fall under the Liechtenstein legislation regarding intellectual property are:
  • Patents, which cover the protection of tangible things;
  • Copyrights, which protect authorship for different  forms of artistic expression;
  • Trademarks, which protect the symbols;
  • • Name which belongs to a particular source of goods and services.
If anybody violates the rights granted by the intellectual property in Liechtenstein, he/she might be brought in one the country's courts and made to bear the legal consequences for his/her actions.  
Several special rights apply in Liechtenstein to patents, brands, models and registered designs in terms of tax deduction. Revenues from other forms of intellectual property, registered either in a local or international registry, are also taxed on advantageous conditions at a rate of 2.5% instead of the flat rate of income tax which is 12.5% .
Another important advantage offered by Liechtenstein is the tax shelter. Liechtenstein has adopted a special measure regarding taxation called the Intellectual Property Box (IP-Box). This measure allows for 80% of the revenues deriving from intellectual property rights to be exempt from taxation. The measure applies to intellectual property which has been registered after 1 January 2011.
We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Liechtenstein for an active support with the various legal aspects concerning intellectual property that you confront right now. 


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