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Foreign Investments in Liechtenstein

Foreign Investments in Liechtenstein

Updated on Tuesday 22nd August 2017

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Foreign investments in Liechtenstein refer to the business activities that international persons or entities conduct inside this country’s economy. Regardless whether made by companies or persons, investments in Liechtenstein can be direct or indirect, and refer to assets in Liechtenstein that are owned by people based in another state. Our attorneys in Liechtenstein can offer legal consulting that you might need in case you intend to invest in this country.

Types of foreign investments in Liechtenstein

As a foreigner intending to start a business in Liechtensteinyou might be in the situation to make a direct investment in this country, which refers to physical purchasing of buildings, machines, or different types of equipment.
There is also another way to enter the Liechtenstein economy, through indirect investments which refers to buying stocks or shares in the Liechtenstein based companies. You can do this for example by opening an investment fund in Liechtenstein. This type of foreign investment is usually less steady than the direct one, because stocks are volatile entities and they can be resold in very short time. 
Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can offer you legal consulting in view of future investments in this country. We also invite you to watch the followng video on foreign investments


Why invest in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is an attractive place for foreign investments thanks to its policy which encourages international participation to the national economy. One of the reasons for which many companies decide to enter the Liechtenstein market is the taxation system of this country. The corporate tax rate in Liechtenstein is 12.5%, standing for one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe.
Another advantage for the foreign investors in Liechtenstein is the economic status of this country inside the Economic European Area. Liechtenstein has also several tax and investments agreements signed with some of the major economies, thus providing advantageous conditions for business.
Don’t hesitate to call on the legal services of our law firm and to contact our lawyers in Liechtenstein regarding any concerns you might have with foreign investment in this country.


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