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EORI Registration in Liechtenstein

EORI Registration in Liechtenstein

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2017

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EORI registration in Liechtenstein simplifies in great amount the custom operations and communications for the merchandise traffic in this country. The EORI number stands for Economic Operator Registration and Identification and it consists of a code which allows identification of each economic operator that is in relation to custom administrations. Calling on a local law firm can be of great help in order to obtain as quickly as possible the EORI number and thus commence the trade activity of your company.

How to register for EORI in Liechtenstein

If you open a company in Liechtenstein and you intend to conduct activities covered by custom legislation, including importing in Liechtenstein or exportation from Liechtenstein to other states, then you should register for an EORI number. The residents in Liechtenstein or the legal entities from outside the EU who engage in commercial activityies inside this country are permited to register for the EORI number in Liechtenstein
EORI registration is compulsory before any customs operation in a member state can effectively take place. The number can be obtained by registration to the Liechtenstein customs. You might be asked to provide some identification documents such as evidence on your commercial registration and economic activity. The EORI number validation in Liechtenstein doesn't take long, however it is advisable to apply for it with enough time beforehand any scheduled trade activity.
Relying on one of our Liechtenstein lawyers would be most recommendable for the economic operators who intend to start the registration procedure for the obtaining of the EORI code in Liechtenstein.

The importance of the EORI number in Liechtenstein

The main advantage of the EORI number is that it simplifies the identification process of different economic operators. It is unique and it offers to the authorities a quick access to details regarding the address of the company, the approvals that the economic operator has obtained from the customs and the trade relations it has with other companies. 
The EORI code is required in the filing of import-export related documents and for custom verification. You can also check, by searching in the centralized database, the EORI codes, and subsequently information about other companies with which you intend to enter in a trade activity.
Don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys in Liechtenstein who are ready to offer you complete assistance in the obtaining of the EORI number for your company. 


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