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Corporate Tax in Liechtenstein

Corporate Tax in Liechtenstein

Updated on Wednesday 03rd May 2017

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The tax imposed on corporate income in Liechtenstein is at a flat rate of 12,5% and for companies whose revenues do not go beyond a certain amount, the law imposes a minimum of 1,800 Swiss francs which must be payed by businesses operating in this country. You may rely on the legal support provided by our law firm in Liechtenstein for tax planning issues in this country. 

Main provisions regarding corporate tax in Liechtenstein

Investors who open a company in Liechtenstein are subject to the corporate tax for the profit as well as for the revenues obtained worldwide. Whether a business is not owned by a resident of Liechtenstein, but it is managed from this country, then the income resulting in the company will also be subject to the corporate tax in Liechtenstein.
This tax is charged by the government of this state, except those entities whose profits in the last three years did not overpass the amount of 500,000 Swiss francs. 
Special taxation regimes might apply to several domains of activity. We recommend you to ask our attorneys in Liechtenstein about the rate of corporate tax which applied to your business. 

More aspects regarding the corporate tax in Liechtenstein

The element which determines the amount of tax which has to be payed is the net profit of a company. Some tax minimization strategies, such as tax returns, might be effective in reducing the amount of money charged on your profits.
The double taxation treaties signed by Liechtenstein with other countries are very useful for companies who operate both in Liechtenstein and abroad. These treaties grant the avoidance of over taxation and help companies develop their business activities. Some of the expenses of the company might be deduced from the taxes payed to the Liechtenstein government, in order to be reinvested in the business.
The calculation of the corporate tax is done each year providing a safe commercial climate for companies. The low corporate tax rate in Liechtenstein is an encouraging element for those investors who consider opening a business in this country.
Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Liechtenstein lawyers for further details regarding the rate of the corporate tax in this country, for tax planning or other additional legal services in Liechtenstein. 


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