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Banking Litigation in Liechtenstein

Banking Litigation in Liechtenstein

Updated on Tuesday 01st August 2017

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Banking-Litigation-in-Liechtenstein.jpgBanking litigation in Liechtenstein covers a wide range of financial issues such as loans, trades, disputes that arise over financial products, investigations on behalf of and against entities involved in money and financial transactions. Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can provide adequate banking and finance litigation services to companies, finance and credit companies or banks, as needed.
Banks and financial institutions in Liechtenstein are regulated through a series of laws. Our attorneys in Liechtenstein can help you understand the legal requirements for compliance and the implications of violating these requirements. 

Banking law in Liechtenstein

The banking sector in Liechtenstein is regulated through a series of laws and acts. The most significant is the Law of Banks and Finance Companies. The country has dedicated itself to practices against money laundering. This step, as well as others that concerned the revision of the due diligence laws, were taken in order to improve Liechtenstein’s position as modern and efficient financial center, attractive for foreign investors.
The experts at our law firm in Liechtenstein can give you complete information on the Bank Law, the tax and tax exchange agreements and other rules and regulations. 

Banking litigation lawyers in Liechtenstein

Our team of attorneys in Liechtenstein can help you with banking litigation but also with other issues related to banking and finance, such as the acquisition of loans, the insurance law, real estate acquisition financing for companies and other issues like communicating with the Financial Market Authority. 
Our banking litigation lawyers can help you with contractual disputes, civil fraud, international fraud, class action lawsuits, retail banking litigation or other issues like mortgage enforcements. 
Although a small country, Liechtenstein is an important financial center. It is not a member of the European Union but participates in the European Free Trade Association, the European Economic Area, and the Schengen Area.
Our lawyers in Liechtenstein can give you complete information about the investment climate and various legal matters. Contact us for legal advice and assistance in banking as well as corporate matters.


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