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About us

About us

Updated on Tuesday 01st August 2017

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Sig Fiduciaire is a Swiss firm specialized in corporate law, tax law, company formation and tax planning in both Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Our clients are local and foreign entrepreneurs interested in investing in Liechtenstein and who are offered a wide range of legal services. They will be represented in local courts and in front of local authorities by our attorneys in Liechtenstein and our business consultants. 

Sig Fiduciaire is present in seven European countries, including Liechtenstein, where you can meet our local representatives. 

We offer a wide range of legal and financial services in Liechtenstein tailored to the objectives of our local and foreign clients who will receive help to incorporate a company, obtain special permits and licenses for performing certain types of activities etc.

For details about our team of lawyers and financial experts and information related to our fees, you may contact our office at +41 41 266 0070. 



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